Results of the ‘Artemisa’ Campaign in protection of water, biodiversity and environment

In the framework of the 'Artemisa' campaign, the Military Forces and the National Police, revealed the results they have obtain in the frame of their operations to face the deforestation of forests and humid rainforest, and also to the capture those responsible for crimes that harm the environmental heritage of the country.

October 11 2019
At the Velásquez Aerodrome in Puerto Boyacá, with the support of the Air Combat Command No.1, the academic exercise of the launch of five rockets was carried out
October 11 2019
At the 'Casa del Abuelo' in the municipality of Icononzo, members of the Colombian Air Force arrived to share a day of joy and fun with the 34 elders
October 10 2019
This operation dismantles and neutralizes the Jorge Iván Arboleda Garcés substructure of the Organized Armed Group Clan del Golfo, which commits crimes Magdalena
August 30 2019
Thanks to military operations carried out by the Eighth Division through the Quiron Task Force and its Military Units such as the Eighteenth Brigade with its 12 Tactical Units
August 30 2019
The lack of responsibility of some people and the absence of preventive measures, increase fires, significantly damaging nature and causing losses to ecosystems.
August 29 2019
In the frame of the Campaign Plan of the Bicentenary “Heroes of Freedom, men of the Thirtieth Brigade,found a clandestine hideout that was used to store war material.
August 29 2019
The capture of these criminals was carried out during an inter-institutional operation carried out by troops of the Unified action Group for Personal Freedom, Gaula.
August 28 2019
In a coordinated operation of the Military Gaula of the Navy, in the department of Sucre, with the National Police, it was possible to capture two men and a woman.
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The General Command of the Military Forces is the organization of highest planning level and strategic axis for the military institutions of the country. The National Army of Colombia, the Navy of the Republic of Colombia and the Colombian Air Force are under its direction and light.