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Colombian Navy continuously operates against illegal mining in the Colombian Amazon

Once the personnel of the Naval Force of the South arrived at the scene, the dredgers were abandoned by the individuals who manned them, who fled when they noticed the presence of the authorities. So the material was confiscated for crimes against natural resources and the environment in the frame of the article 388 of the Criminal Code for the illegal exploitation of mining and other materials.

February 19 2020
At a distribution of responsibilities table, the Protocol for the realization of passenger flight (30 hours) was established at the Military Transport Air Command (CATAM).
February 19 2020
Colombian Navy men who were carrying out river inspection and control operations helped and assisted a Venezuelan girl who was in the process of giving birth
February 19 2020
Troops of the Vulcano Task Force, in a rural area of the municipality of Tibú, in the department of Norte de Santander, dismantled a clandestine deposit
February 18 2020
As a result of the information provided by different intelligence work, it was possible to find a collection center in the sector of the Ciénaga del Torno
February 18 2020
The Military Gaula has conducted countless activities throughout the country with the aim of alerting the community about the crimes of kidnapping and extortion.
February 17 2020
In order to ensure free mobility and safety on national and rural roads in the departments of Bolívar and Sucre, the Colombian Navy has deployed troops
February 17 2020
Colombian Navy units find two dredgers that were allegedly being used for illegal mining work on the Putumayo River in the department of Amazonas.
February 17 2020
Over the weekend crews of the Huey II and Bell-212 aircraft of the Colombian Air Force ensured the safety and tranquility of the inhabitants and counteract any crime.
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The General Command of the Military Forces is the organization of highest planning level and strategic axis for the military institutions of the country. The National Army of Colombia, the Navy of the Republic of Colombia and the Colombian Air Force are under its direction and light.