This person who apparently had as area of ​​interference the department of Casanare, had been captured in 2010, later he escaped prison in 2018 and would have gone to the department of Arauca to continue to execute his criminal operations.


The decisive military operations carried out by the soldiers of the Colombian Army in the Orinoquía region continue to destabilize the terrorist structures of the ELN that commit crimes in this area of ​​the country. The military units of the Quirón Task Force captured the alleged ringleader and finance chief of the 'José David Suárez' front of the Eln, in the urban area of ​​the municipality of Fortul, it is a criminal structure whose leader alias 'Coco' had defected recently due to the pressure of the troops of the National Army.


This man is known by the alias 'Pichón' or 'Pachón'. With 17 years in the organized armed group he apparently served as a militiaman, hitman, extortionist, and later he was promoted to manage finances and later he became the second in command of the terrorist group. According to information, this individual would be involved in the killing of three police officers of the Carabineros Mobile Squad in 2012 in Aguazul, the killing of a Major of the Nonato Pérez Battalion of the National Army in 2015 in Tauramena, the launching of explosive devices in Yopal and the burning of machinery and vehicles on the main roads in the department of Casanare.


Alias ​​'Pichón' or 'Pachón' had been captured in 2010 for the crime of rebellion and kidnapping, leaving him in the Paz de Ariporo prison. He escaped in 2010, which is why he had two capture warrants, one for the escape of prisoners and the second for aggravated kidnapping.


“Pichon” was put into custody of the authorities and taken to the capital city of the department of Casanare, while the National Army troops are deployed throughout the department of Arauca to continue to carry out operations to strike organized armed groups.


Source: National Army

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