Six members of the ELN were captured in the department of Chocó

The operation was carried out in the municipality El Carmen del Darién, where troops captured six people of the ELN, who illegally exploited mining deposits

Posted on May 04 2019

Army achieved the capture of the maximum ringleader of the GAO-r 49 in Caquetá

Alias 'Tocayo Guaraca', was the main ringleader of the Organized Armed Group, R, substructure 49, responsible for marketing coca and cocaine

Posted on May 03 2019

The National Army neutralizes member of 'Los Pelusos' and rescues a citizen

Military operations left the death of a member of the GAO, 'Los Pelusos', the capture of three individuals and the rescue of a citizen that was kidnaped

Posted on May 03 2019

Four families in Sumapaz are happy of opening their houses thanks to the army

Four peasant families living in the rural area of the municipality of Betania, in the south of Bogotá, are happy because they open their own houses

Posted on May 03 2019

Venezuelan Indigenous woman in labor received humanitarian assistance of the Navy

Men of the Navy infantry of Colombia attended the labor of the indigenous woman of Venezuelan nationality aboard a wooden boat

Posted on May 03 2019

International support for productive projects in Territorial Space in Icononzo, Tolima

International delegates, journalists and officials of institutions of the Carpa Azul, saw the progress in the productve projetcs of former FARC combatants

Posted on May 02 2019


The Command of the Seventh Brigade, attached to the Fourth Division of the National Army, informs Colombian citizens:

Posted on May 02 2019

National Navy captures 11 individuals who commit crimes related to drug trafficking

The Navy of Colombia captured 11 individuals, apparently at the service of drug trafficking, who were transporting four thousand gallons of gasoline.

Posted on May 02 2019

Special Commandos of the Air Force find about a ton of cocaine hydrochloride in the Pacific

Seven hundred kilos of cocaine with an approximate cost in Colombia of three million dollars, were found by troops in the Colombian Pacific

Posted on May 02 2019