National Army captures 10 members of GAO Eln and destroys 4 laboratories in Nariño

This result comes after a firefight conducted by troops of the Twenty-third National Army Brigade and alleged members of the GAO Eln.

Posted on May 14 2019

Navy of Colombia rescues seven members of a Venezuelan family on the Orinoco River

"Our ship sank and thanks to them we are alive," said one of the seven passengers of the boat, including two children under 3 and 7 years of age.

Posted on May 14 2019

In 2018, 11,529 cases of computer incidents were reported in Colombia

At the end of 2018, an increase of 40 percent was reported in the figures related to computer crimes, which rise from 15,962 in 2017 to 22,366 cases

Posted on May 14 2019

Military forces find drugs of the ELN that would have been sold in Medellín

Troops of the National Army and the Colombian Air Force captured two members of the ELN, who, traveling on horses, transported the alkaloid.

Posted on May 14 2019

Army and Police manage to capture alias 'Mono Toño', ringleader of a residual GAO

In a military operation by the National Army, in coordination with the police, it was possible to capture the successor of alias “Tocayo Guaraca”

Posted on May 14 2019

Minister Botero: “Manual Eradication has a very high cost in terms of human lives”

Manual eradication of illicit plantations has left eight people dead and more than 40 injured and mutilated in the country so far this year.

Posted on May 13 2019

First Conference on Territorial Stabilization with an Environmental Approach

This event took place in the frame of the offensive operations against deforestation and it is part of the national security of Colombia

Posted on May 13 2019


When the troops in the Bajo Cauca region in Antioquia were conducting operations to neutralize terrorist acts a mined area was activated against them

Posted on May 13 2019

Capture of the finances chief of the “Adonay Ardila” Front of the GAO - Eln

Alias “Carlos”, “Metralla” or “Matraca”, 30, would be the chief of finances and ringleader of the Eastern War “Front José Adonay Ardila Pinilla” of the Eln.

Posted on May 12 2019