En Zaragoza, Antioquia, capturados cabecillas del componente armado y financiero del GAO Clan del Golfo

One of those arrested tried to bribe one of the military with a large sum of money to prevent arrest.


They are alias Conejo, who would be the financial ringleader, and alias David, accused of being the ringleader of the armed component of the Uldar Cardona Rueda Substructure, of the Organized Armed Group, GAO, Clan del Golfo, who, thanks to intelligence work carried out in a coordinated manner by the National Army and the Police, in an inter-institutional manner with the Attorney General's Office, were arrested in the rural area of Zaragoza, Antioquia.


In the course of territorial control operations, the Military Forces managed to reach the Bata Clan sector, in the municipality El Naranjal and the municipality El Limón, in this municipality, where the two individuals, both alleged ringleaders and key elements for the criminal structure of the GAO Clan del Golfo, were found by troops.


Alias David o Potro had in his possession a 38-millimeter caliber revolver, an IM 26 fragmentation grenade and ammunition. This man would be in charge of ordering the materialization of selective homicides and the collection of money from extortion in Zaragoza; In addition, he is accused of causing forced displacement in this municipality and being the brain of the hitman attack against a police surveillance patrol, on February 27 of this year, where three people were injured.


As for alias Conejo, he was investigated for various crimes, including extortion, forced displacement and possible selective homicides in the region; alias Conejo would be the replacement of alias Kevin, former ringleader of the Substructure and who was in the same way arrested months ago.


The arrests occurred in response to early warning 045 of 2020, issued by the Ombudsman's Office.


Alias Conejo, who would be in charge of collecting the product of the collection of money from extortion to miners and merchants of the region, tried to persuade the commander of the patrol, with 80 million as well as jewels in gold, in exchange for not arresting him.


With this result it is possible to hit both the armed component and the finances of the GAO Clan del Golfo, which commits crimes in the municipalities El Bagre and Zaragoza, in the Bajo Cauca Antioqueño region.


Source: press-National Army

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