La vereda San Miguel, de Planadas, en el Tolima, libre de minas antipersonal 

Once again, the National Army guarantees the community of Planadas, Tolima, to return with peace and security to the land already free of anti-personnel mines.


The Babilonia farm, located in the San Miguel district, owned by the Osorno Zapata family, was one of those affected by the anti-personnel mines as a result of the armed conflict in the region.


Based on the information provided by this family, a Non-technical Study Team conducts the investigation of the threat, in compliance with operational protocols and procedures, managing to identify a dangerous area suspected of containing explosive devices.


On July 24, 2019, the National Army, with the Technique of Demining Manual, carried out this huge humanitarian operation, achieving the destruction of four anti-personnel mines and the clearance of 1,562 square meters feet free of anti-personnel mines, putting an end to the fear generated by this hidden enemy, the 20 August 2020.


Now, the Osorno Zapata family, and 10 other families, will benefit from the National Army's humanitarian demining, using this prosperous territory for livestock and fruit and vegetable growing.


In this way, the Engineers of the Humanitarian Demining Battalion No. 2, attached to the Sixth Brigade of the National Army, continue to advance in this difficult with the purpose of return peace of mind to the inhabitants of Tolima, so that they can walk through their fields and roads in complete security.


Source: National Army News Agency

Monday, August 24, 2020 By merybra