Men of the Navy infantry of Colombia attended the labor of the indigenous woman of Venezuelan nationality aboard a wooden boat, in which minutes before, she had arrived in the municipality of Inírida, in the department of Guainía in search of help.


With severe abdominal pain, the 21-year-old woman, in state of pregnancy, together with her partner, both of Venezuelan nationality, moved from the sector Caño Jota (in the department of Vichada), to the sector known as Los Cocos, in the department of Inírida, in search of medical assistance; in the place of their residence, they do not have health centers or professionals in the area.


Upon arrival, they were received by the crew of the Mobile Fluvial Support Station, EMAF, belonging to the Marine Infantry Battalion No.50, of the Colombian Navy, who, upon realizing the situation, provided humanitarian assistance to the woman in labor, on board the boat, always taking care to safeguard her life and that of her daughter.


At the same time, the crew made the pertinent coordination with the Manuel Elkin Patarroyo municipal hospital, who immediately sent an ambulance with specialized personnel to attend the emergency.


Once in the place, the woman and her newborn daughter were taken to the hospital where they received the necessary care, confirming the good state of health of both, an outcome that took place thanks to the quick reaction of the men of the navy who had vocation to serve those who need it most.


Source: Naval Force of the East

Friday, May 3, 2019 By merybra