Con siembra de árboles, NNA de Nariño aprenden cuidados al medio ambiente con los Ingenieros Militares

As part of Operation Artemisa, which seeks to tackle the crime of deforestation, the Joint Task Force Hercules, through the National Army component, planted 2,000 plants with children and adolescents, CAA, from La Carcuel, in the municipality of Barbacoas, Nariño.


The activity was carried out by our soldiers of the battalion of Engineers No.52, who with practical examples taught a group of children the correct ways in which to take care of the environment; the minors reflected in drawings their gratitude for the work of the military.


The planting was carried out thanks to coordinated work with Agrosavia, Corponariño and the community, who together with military engineers work to protect water, biodiversity and all natural resources, which have been harmed by illegal mining that pollute the water sources of this region of the country.


Today everyone sowed hope through each seedling that further will give delicious fruits that together can be enjoyed. Teaching children the importance of protecting the environment is to sow in their own future. The activity was carried out by implementing all biosecurity protocols.


In recent years Colombia has lost about 200,000 hectares per year of its forests and rainforest, which is why the Joint Task Force Hercules and its components, works daily to reforest as much as possible each municipality of the Pacific in Nariño, demonstrating in each environmental activity that they are true custodians of the environment.


Source: press-Joint Task Force Hercules


Tuesday, September 1, 2020 By merybra