Juntos por el crecimiento del sector agrícola en los Montes de María

After a year of efforts by the Ministry of Agriculture, the Colombian Agricultural Institute (ICA), the Secretariat of Agriculture and Rural Development of Bolivar, the Trade Council of Bolivar, Procolombia and the Navy of Colombia, were awarded eight certificates of Registry as producer grounds of vegetables for export fresh to the rural communities of the Mountains of María region in the department of Bolívar.


This event, which took place at the ARC Bolívar Naval Logistics Base, in Cartagena, was attended by the deputy Minister of Agricultural Affairs, Juan Gonzalo Botero and Emilio José Turbay Cure, Manager of the Bolívar Branch of the Colombian Agricultural Institute - ICA, who granted the certification to the peasants who, in compliance with ICA Resolution No. 448, began an agricultural project that will follow a process of exporting fresh vegetables with all the quality standards, required internationally.


Different peasant societies carried out actions such as the search for their site in the local regional Branch of the ICA, along with the due fulfilment of documentary requirements and infrastructure, to get this important achievement that opens the door to the export of the excellent products harvested by the Montemarianos, throughout the year in their territories, within which stand out the sweet potato and the yam.


This is an initiative that becomes a reference for the opening of new markets, the economic reactivation and the productive development of the farmers who make up the Peasant Associations of the Montes de María.


The Naval Institution will in the same way continue to provide the security of the inhabitants of this territory to contribute to the economic development of the Montemarianos, establishing beneficial relationships among the inhabitants, the private company and the institutions of the State that led the evolution of the agrarian economy and the export of products of this region of the Colombian Caribbean.


Source: press-Colombian Navy

Thursday, January 13, 2022 By merybra