With the aim of continuing to weaken the illicit and drug trafficking activities of criminal groups that commit crimes in the Catatumbo region, and in the frame of the Heroes de la Libertad campaign plan, troops of the Operational Energy Command No. 1 and the Task Force Vulcano, in the rural area of ​​the municipalities of Tibú and Teorama, in the department of Norte de Santander, managed to find three illegal structures for the production of coca base paste and the storage of stolen petroleum, which would belong to the Organized Armed Group GAO - Eln.


In the first operation carried out, in the El Catatumbo village, of the municipality of Teorama, a laboratory for the production of coca base paste was found, in which men belonging to the Land Operations Battalion No. 11 found 300 kilos of leaf of coca, 20 kilograms of urea, 50 gallons of fuel (pategrillo), and 10 metal barrels with sulfuric acid.


In the same way, military personnel of the Special Energy and Roads Battalion No. 6, found in a rural area of ​​the Campo Seis and Guachimán neighborhoods, in the municipality of Tibú, two illegal precursor refineries, equipped with a rudimentary distillation towers (Martians), two storage pools for the stolen petroleum storage, 150 gallons of pategrillo (fuel), and 24 plastic barrels.


The Second Division of the National Army will continue to carry out military operations to dismantle the drug trafficking networks and instability factors that converge in the region. In the same way, it will maintain, through the deployment of its men, the security and defense of the people of Norte de Santander.


Source: National Army


Monday, April 13, 2020 By lisella