Con carrotanque, Ejército Nacional realiza desinfección de cantones militares

A group of brave soldiers changed their rifles to receive sufficient tactical training in biological agents to start the disinfection process in the military bases of Bogotá.


After completing a two-week training phase, a group of men of the 80th Disaster Assistance and Prevention Engineers Battalion, of the Special Brigade of Engineers of the National Army, which has been serving the country for 9 years, is facing the health emergency in the military bases of Bogotá, caused by the Covid-19 pandemic .


These men received enough tactical training to face difficult situations related to biological agents, their behavior, potential health damages and possible chains of contagion. They in the same way received the required protection elements, to carry out this type of work.


Today, these specialized men, equipped with a tank truck with a storage capacity of 5,500 gallons of disinfectant mixture, have begun a battle of cleaning and disinfection in the different military bases and housing in Bogotá, with the sole purpose of protecting the military Forces, which at this time of health crisis are playing a fundamental role in supporting the defense of the civil authority, ADAC.


This vehicle will lead heroes, through spray techniques, to properly direct the chemical, in order to reach the places where people most frequently transit, such as platforms and pedestrian roads; it is an operation that is initially carried out in and around military facilities.


In this sense, the National Army continues to work to face this threat. These men will have the additional responsibility of instructing territorial military units across the country to implement this new capacity to contain the virus.


Source: press - Colombian Navy

Monday, April 13, 2020 By merybra