Exitosa operación, permitió la captura de dos integrantes de Grupo Armado Residual en el Tolima

Thanks to information provided by the community, it was possible to arrest alias el diablo and alias choto, in the municipality of Rioblanco, Tolima; the two men were being sought by the authorities, for the crime of association to commit aggravated crimes.


It was a joint operation conducted by the Colombian Air Force and the National Army and coordinated with the Colombian National Police and the Attorney General's Office; in which it was possible to weaken the Residual Organized Armed Group, Ismael Ruiz, whose criminal activity disturbs the security, tranquility and well-being of citizens in the south of Tolima.


Therefore, the two alleged perpetrators must appear before the authorities to answer for the acts they are accused of, which represents a significant decrease in the criminal operations of this armed group, which finances its illicit activities with violence, extortion, direct attacks, among others.


Source: Press – Air Combat Command No.4 (CACOM 4) - Colombian Air Force


Friday, March 17, 2023 By MEBS