Un oso perezoso, un mono araña y un puercoespín, fueron rescatados por las Fuerzas Militares en Tumaco, Nariño

The mammals were handed over to the authority responsible for comprehensive rural development, agricultural development and environment of the municipality of Santa Bárbara de Iscuande.


Within the framework of the Ayacucho Joint Campaign Plan, troops of the Joint Task Force for Stabilization and Consolidation Hercules, in search and control operations, achieved the recovery of a sloth bear, a spider monkey and a porcupine, in the municipality of Santa Bárbara de Iscuande (Nariño).


The event occurred, when the soldiers of the Navy Infantry Brigade No.4, through its Navy Infantry River Battalion No.43, carried out inspections of the boats at the main dock, finding these native specimens of the Nariño Pacific in danger of extinction inside some sacks.


The people who had the animals in their possession noticed the work of our soldiers and started to escape, leaving these specimens of the flora and fauna of this department abandoned.


In the same way, it is pointed out that, these specimens were decaying, with signs of animal abuse, malnutrition and dehydrated, showing little active behavior, in addition, not being aware of their environment, they showed aggressive and uncommon behaviors, for this reason, they are taken to the comprehensive specialized unit of agricultural development and environment where all possible help was provided.


The Joint Task Force for Stabilization and Consolidation Hercules, together with civil and environmental authorities, reiterates its commitment to people to carry out decisive military operations where, it seeks to raise awareness about respect for different ways of life, their rights, the conservation of ecosystems and natural habitats.


Source: Press - Joint Task Force Hercules

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