Duro Golpe a finanzas del GAO residual Alfonso Cano por más de 60 millones de dólares 

In compliance with the Bicentenary Campaign Plan Héroes de la Libertad, the Joint Task Force for Stabilization and Consolidation Hércules, in a joint military operation conducted by the National Army, the National Navy and inter-institutional with the Attorney General's Office, managed to find more than 1,8 tons of cocaine transported aboard a semi-submarine-type naval device, in the Bocana Amarales sector of the municipality of El Charco, in the department of Nariño.


With this finding, the trafficking and consumption of more than 4,500,000 doses of narcotics in countries of the region was prevented and the income of more than 60 million dollars to the finances of the residual Organized Armed Group, GAO, Western Bloc Alfonso Cano.


This blunt blow by Units of the Navy Brigade No.4 with the support of a ship of the Flotilla of Surface of the Pacific, and troops of the Command Against drug Trafficking and Transnational Threats of the National Army, was carried out with intelligence of the Navy of Colombia, which led to intercept the semi-submarine loaded with the drug in the north of the department of Nariño.


Upon noticing the work of the authorities, the individuals in the low-profile boat jumped in the water and fled into a mangrove area, leaving the semi-submarine loaded with the illegal merchandise and a speedboat that apparently was escorting it.


At the time of inspection of the 17-meter-long naval device, 90 sacks were found with several rectangular packages that, due to their physical characteristics, probably corresponded to illicit substances, which is why they were taken to the dock of the Tumaco Coast Guard Station, where members of the Technical Investigation Body of the Prosecutor's Office carried out the approved preliminary identification test that left positive result for 1,872 kilograms of kitchen.


With this result, the financial structure of this criminal organization, responsible for homicides, criminal acts and clashes with other structures of drug trafficking, will be hit.


With this type of operations, once again, the military forces of Colombia in the coordinated work with the different institutions in the territory, demonstrate their permanent commitment to ensure the security and tranquility of the citizens who live in the Pacific Coast of Nariño.


Source: press-Joint Task Force Hercules

Wednesday, September 1, 2021 By merybra