Fuerza Pública propina contundente golpe al Grupo Armado Organizado Eln

In a joint, coordinated, special and interagency operation, Security forces Units dealt a heavy blow to the ELN Armed Group, Western Front of War, with the capture of a member of the security group of alias Jairo or Boca de Perro, third ringleader of the front. In the same way, troops discovered abundant war material, communications equipment and military accessories.


With information provided by the Naval and Police Intelligence, troops of the Pacific Naval Force, the Army's Anti-Drug Trafficking Battalion No.2 and the Air Force Combat Commands 5 and 7, reached the municipality of Cucurrupí, sector El Limón, municipality of the Litoral de San Juan in the department of Chocó, where they find and dismantle a logistics center of the structure of the Eln Organized Armed Group.


There troops found 01 12mm caliber shotgun, 01 revolver, 13 12mm caliber cartridges, 2,359 AK47 cartridges, 01 Waetherby rifle, 01 rifle telescope, 01 Galil magazine, 02 M16 magazines. This place functioned as a logistics collection center for reception of precursors and for the illegal manufacture of garments for the exclusive use of the Military Forces.


In the course of the operation, an individual was injured, who, with unrestricted adherence to the rules of Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law, received first aid and he was evacuated by air to the Buenaventura District, where he received medical assistance and recovers successfully. In the judicial procedure, the individual Carlos Andrés Londoño Arango, alias Jorge or Parejas, was captured for the crime of rebellion, by means of a capture warrant issued by the Third Municipal Criminal Court of Buenaventura.


The material found and the individual captured were put into custody of the authorities, to carry out their respective judicial process.


With this operation the structure of the Organized Armed Group ELN is weakened, reducing its criminal capacity and the risks of terrorist operations against the Human Rights of the inhabitants of the Litoral de San Juan.


Source: press - Colombian Navy


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