La Escuela de Soldados Profesionales reforesta área afectada por incendio forestal 

With the planting of trees typical of the region, the School of Soldiers seeks to recover the area hit by forest fire that occurred in September of this year.


During the months of August and September, a series of forest fires hit different regions of the country, including the province of Alto Magdalena, whose climatic conditions make it more susceptible to such incidents.


One of these fires occurred on September 6, near the village of Capotes, damaging about 35 hectares including native vegetation, grasslands and palms. To quell the flames, it was necessary the work of the Firemen of the villages Nilo, Ricaurte and Tocaima, as well as the support of the Brigade of the Autonomous Corporation of Cundinamarca (CAR), soldiers of the School of Soldiers and the Colombian air force ( FAC) who supported the operations with a Bambi Bucket system.


The fire was controlled at dawn on September 9. Despite the efforts of all institutions, the damage to the environment was evident. Since then, the School of Soldiers designed a reforestation project that benefits much of the damaged land and other areas of the sector.


Since October 5, the School launched the reforestation plan with more than 3,000 native and fruit trees that are strategically planted thanks to the guidance of environmental and agroforestry engineers who provide advice on the project. The activity counted on different types of trees prepared in greenhouses which increases exponentially the availability of samples, guaranteeing the permanent planting of new trees.


In this way, about 1,000 native trees in one of the areas hit by the forest fire are being planted, taking into account the technical conditions of the land, identifying the best types of trees and taking advantage of the rainy season.


The constant commitment of the National Army to take care, preserve and recover the environment is evidenced in the coordinated work in support of the civil authorities and the operations that are carried out in all regions of the country to protect the ecosystem.


Source: School of Soldiers - Espro

Wednesday, November 6, 2019 By merybra