Ante el Ejército se desmoviliza cabecilla de uno de los frentes del GAO ELN que delinque en sur de Bolívar

Pressure from military operations and the confidence in the authorities have led more members of armed groups to volunteering rejoin civilian life.


In the municipality of San Pablo, south of Bolivar, before troops of the Artillery Battalion of Antiaircraft Defense No.2 Nueva Granada of the Fifth Brigade, it was possible the voluntary surrender of alias Mañe or Patacón, who would be the second ringleader of the Heroes y Martires de Santa Rosa Front, of the Organized Armed Group, GAO, ELN.


This individual would have completed 11 years within the criminal organization and he would be responsible for conducting organizational political work of the boards of community action of the villages of this municipality, being the main funder and promoter of marches of farmers and illegal miners in the municipality of San Pablo and Simití towards the municipalities of Barrancabermeja, Santander, with the purpose of generating violent protest and damages to the strategic assets of the State.


Currently, he would be responsible for controlling drug trafficking through the purchase of coca base paste in the southern region of Bolívar, as well as controlling illicit plantations in the villages of La Virgencita, La Pedregosa, Vallecitos, La Unión, Agua Sucia, San Martín, la Ye, Tres Bocas, Alto Cañabraval and la Florida, in the municipality of San Pablo, Bolívar, which generated monthly income of approximately 1,500 million pesos, about USD 394,779.


Alias Mañe or Patacón took advantage of the benefits provided by the national Government's demobilization plan, to restart a new life with his family and under the law.


This action is achieved thanks to the pressure of the military operations carried out in the area, as well as the trust generated by the authorities to guarantee the rights of those who make the decision to lay down their firearms and enter the civilian life.


Source: press-National Army

Friday, September 3, 2021 By merybra