Resultados de la Campaña ‘Artemisa’ en protección del agua, la biodiversidad y el medio ambiente

In the framework of the 'Artemisa' campaign, the Military Forces and the National Police, revealed the results they have obtain in the frame of their operations to face the deforestation of forests and humid rainforest, and also to the capture those responsible for crimes that harm the environmental heritage of the country.


The operation led by the Security forces with about 22,300 men and women, has been carried out in 60 places throughout the national territory taking into account the instability and geographical risk.


This year, 64 military operations have been carried out in support of the Ministry of Environment, Natural National Parks and IDEAM, among other institutions. In the same way, 125 birds have been found, more than 2,900 types of reptiles and amphibians, and 2,896 types of fauna in danger of extinction have been recovered, and 24 thousand kilograms of fish have been confiscated.


In the same period, about 136 thousand units of flora have been reforested, 55 forest fire control operations have been completed and 117 individuals have been captured for environmental crimes.


As for pedagogy to contribute to the collective awareness of Colombians about the preservation of their environmental wealth, the Security forces has prepared more than 1,700 people.


The effort focused on the fight against the illegal extraction of minerals has led to conduct 400 operations against mining, in which 426 dredgers, 295 motor pumps, 122 yellow machinery units, and more than 500 engines have been found; 807 people have been captured.

Thursday, August 22, 2019 By merybra