Comandante de Misión de rescate, rol que un colombiano desempeña en Red Flag Rescue 22-1

During the training exercise, a pilot officer of the Colombian Air Force UH-60 team played the role of Rescue Mission Commander.


Major Cesar Triviño, pilot of the UH-60 team of the Colombian Air Force, was the first helicopter pilot to play the role of Rescue Mission Commander, an important operation in which the tasks of leading, planning and executing the maneuvers are carried out in personnel recovery operations in hostile environments. To this end, he coordinates the Resources of five Air Forces participating in Red Flag Rescue, taking as a reference point the NATO standards for this type of missions.


During this experience, the Colombian Air Force team has been recognized by the participating countries, highlighting the professionalism, knowledge, experience and expertise of its pilots, crew, commanders and support team, who carried out the mission, leaving the best image of Colombia and the members of the Institution who daily carry out operations to save lives.


Source: Press - Colombian Air Force

Thursday, May 19, 2022 By merybra