En tiempo récord Ejército Nacional ha erradicado más de 200 hectáreas de cultivos ilícitos en Guaviare

This plantation served for the illegal finances of the residual Organized Armed Groups that commit crimes in the area, especially that of alias Ivan Mordisco.


The fight against drug trafficking is a priority foreseen in the National Government's Defense and Security Policy, which, through the Bicentenary Campaign Plan Heroes de la Libertad, seeks to stop the ecocide that the residual Organized Armed Group makes to the Amazon forests.


In the course of the first 13 days of the year, this purpose has been reaffirmed with the 230 hectares eradicated manually by soldiers in the department of Guaviare. This figure is complemented by the finding of 840 gallons of coca base in process, 974.59 kilograms of coca leaf, 1,276 gallons of liquid precursors, 550 kilograms of solid precursors, 5 coca base paste laboratories, 211 machines and equipment, 28,200 coca seedlings, 2.5 kilograms of coca base paste and 12 coca bush seedbeds, which represents a significant blow to illicit activities.


It is no secret that criminal organizations install mines in areas of illicit plantations to prevent troops of entering. Great challenge for the National Army in 2022 will be the intervention of 22,656 square meters of land in the sector of Caño Ovejas, in the municipality of Mapiripán, Meta. This is an area identified as a dangerous zone, according to studies conducted by Humanitarian Demining Battalion No.4, and that would cover 11 municipalities, only in the department of Meta, to present them as territories free of antipersonnel mines.


The mission of the members of the Military Forces conducted in this region is mainly aimed at hitting the areas with illicit plantations that would belong to alias Iván Mordisco, main ringleader of the residual GAO Estructura Primera, which is financed and commits crimes in the departments of Meta, Guaviare and Vaupés.


One of the priorities for the National Army in 2022 is to continue fighting criminal structures in the frontal fight against drug trafficking, to maintain operations focused on priority areas of assistance, to continue working as a team with the other security forces, to work for legitimacy in the territories and the free exercise of democracy of Colombians.


Source: press-National Army

Thursday, January 13, 2022 By merybra