inauguración por autoridades del puente militar en la vía Curos-Málaga, en Santander

Inauguration of the military bridge on the Curos-Malaga road, in Santander


Vehicular and pedestrian traffic is guaranteed, for more than 170 thousand people in 15 municipalities, after the emergency of rains that occurred in late February, which generated loss of part of the road.


With an extension of 60.96 meters and a resistance of 52 tons, soldiers of the Battalion of Special Operations Engineers No.90 of the National Army, carried out in a record time of 10 days the construction of the Acrow TSR3 type military bridge, to contact the García Rovira province with the Santander capital city.


This work does not have any restriction, except that it must be used in one direction at a time, it will be open for pedestrians and vehicles 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This bridge was distributed as a loan to the Santander department, until a concrete bridge is built linking this sector.


The bridge, which has the standards required to provide safe mobility, is found at kilometer 118 of the Curos - Malaga road, and becomes a new hope for the inhabitants of the sector, who since last February 26 had lost part of the road due to the emergency of rains, a situation that forced them to look for alternative roads through the upper part of the mountain by their own means, risking their lives.


Since the first moment, soldiers of the Second Division of the National Army, through the Engineer Battalion of the Fifth Brigade, have been in charge of the situation and in direct coordination with the Santander Government, Invias and the Directorate of Management of the Risk, today this bridge is presented to this community  to provided it with some tranquility after a month of total closure. Now people will be able to take out products and connect with the rest of the department, thanks to the work of the Colombian soldiers.


The National Army will continue working for the well-being of all Colombians.


Source: Press - Fifth National Army Brigade

Tuesday, April 7, 2020 By merybra