The Command of the Seventh Division of the National Army informs:


1. Troops belonging to the Aquiles Joint Task Force, in the Aquiles Military and Police Campaign, conducted in El Pital village, on the road leading from the municipality of Puerto Valdivia to the municipality of Valdivia, were attacked Tuesday night, August 13, by terrorists of the Tarazá structure of the organized armed group ELN.


2. In this criminal operation, during firefights with this structure, our soldier Edward Antonio Gómez Garzón loses his life.


3. This attack occurs due to the overwhelming operations carried out in the area of ​​Bajo Cauca, in Antioquia, which have damaged and weakened the logistics and criminal structures of the ELN.


4. In the area where this unfortunate event occurred, more troops were sent by land and air, with the aim of search and finding the bandits who committed this criminal operation.


5. The National Army accompanies the family and the friends of our hero, who lost his life for the safety, defense and wellbeing of the inhabitants of this region of the country. In the same way, we pray to God to give them strength in these difficult times.

Wednesday, August 14, 2019 By merybra