The Command of the Seventh Division of the National Army informs:


1. In the village known as Las Crucecitas, on the road that connects Valdivia with Tarazá in the lower Cauca, in the department of Antioquia, terrorists of the Eln stopped 15 or 20 vehicles, including private, collective transportation of passengers and cargo vehicles that circulated Sunday night, July 21.


2. Alerted by the Civic Participation Network, immediately the troops of the National Army react and reach the point where the criminals tried to incinerate these cars. It is there when a firefight takes place conducted by the military and the bandits who, during their escape, set fire to two vehicles.


3. The opportune reaction and prompt arrival of the Army prevented a massive impact on the transporters, merchants, and travelers who use this road for their daily economic activities.


4. This coward operation perpetrated by ELN terrorists highlights, once again, the reckless methods used by this organized armed group, harming the social and economic development of the region and, in particular, of humble citizens.


5. At this hour, by land and air, the pursuit of the bandits guilty of this action continues. In coordination with the Highway Police, all relevant operations are taken to restore traffic on this road.

Monday, July 22, 2019 By merybra