The Command of the Seventh Division of the National Army, helps to inform the public that:


1. In relation to a video that circulates through social networks, which evidences a military procedure that supposedly has occurred in El Bagre - Antioquia, the pertinent investigations are already being carried out in order to specify if it does take place or if it doesn’t in this locality. In the same way, determine the authenticity of the circumstances of time, manner and place, in which these events would have occurred, to establish whether or not there is room for disciplinary and / or administrative actions.


2. Our soldiers have always been respectful of the law, Human Rights and have as a fundamental premise the good treatment and protection of the civilian population, in compliance with our constitutional mission.


3. This command disqualifies any undue action that transgresses the current regulations and confirms its commitment to collaborate with the other authorities to clarify these facts, always ready to immediately provide any information as required.

Wednesday, May 15, 2019 By merybra