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The Ministry of National Defense informs on the changes in the organizational structure of the General Staff of the General Command of the Military Forces, the National Army and the Navy of Colombia, as well as Commands of stationed Operational Units in different regions of the country:


These new assignments obey the human talent management process and the needs of the military Forces.




- Deputy Chief of Staff of Joint Operations, Major General Juan Pablo Forero Tascón


- Joint Operations Department Chief, Navy Infantry Colonel Jorge Federico Torres Mora


- Head of the Joint Intelligence and Counterintelligence Department, Rear Admiral Darwin Alberto Alonso Torres


Operational Units


• Commander of the Joint Special Operations Command (CCOES), Major General Jorge Isaacs Hoyos Rojas


• Commander Joint Command No. 2, Brigadier General Álvaro Vicente Pérez Durán


• Commander Joint Task Force Hercules, Brigadier General Nayro Javier Martínez Jiménez




• Chief of Staff of Operations, Major General Wilson Neyhid Chawez Mahecha


- Commander of the Military Counterintelligence Combat Support Command, Colonel Juan Pablo Manrique Gómez


- Director of the Military Cadet School, Brigadier General Arnulfo Traslaviña Sáchica


Operational Units


• Third Division Commander, Brigadier General Marco Vinicio Mayorga Niño

• Rapid Deployment Force No. 2, Colonel Claudio Pellatón Moreno

• Rapid Deployment Force No. 4, Colonel Jairo Hernán Barreto González


• Commander of the Cauca Specific Command, Brigadier General Jhon Jairo Rojas Gómez


• Commander of the Task Force Quirón, Brigadier General Juan Miguel Huertas Herrera




• Chief Legal Head, ship captain Orlando Alberto Cubillos Chacón


Operational Units


• Commander Naval Force of the East, Rear Admiral Orlando Enrique Grisales Franceschi


• Specific Command of San Andrés and Providencia, Captain Norman Iván Cabrera Martínez


The officers will assume the positions in accordance with the plan issued by the General Command of the Military Forces, the National Army and the Colombian Navy.

Friday, June 19, 2020 By merybra