1. In military operations against drug trafficking and illicit plantations in the Bajo Cauca region of Antioquia, two soldiers, Miguel Ángel Manco Torres and Adair Alfonso Peralta Urango, belonging to the Military and Police Campaign Aquiles, died after being victims of a mined area in the hamlet La Embaretada, in the Canyon Iglesias of the municipality of Tarazá.


2. In the same action, three other military were injured, being evacuated from the site in medicalized helicopters specially prepared for this kind of situation.


3. The mined area would have been planted by criminals belonging to the (GAO-r) organized armed group Structure 18, in a criminal alliance with Los Caparrapos who commit crimes in this region. They, given the decisiveness of the illicit plantation eradication operations, plan through these coward operations, stop the eradication process.


4. Troops were already sent to the area where the events took place, by air and land, to find more explosive devices and the criminals responsible for this terrorist act.


5. We accompany the relatives and partners of our two heroes who today lost their lives for the security, defense and wellbeing of Colombians. In the same way, we pray to Almighty God to give these families strength in these difficult moments.

Wednesday, April 10, 2019 By merybra