Sargento segundo del Ejército Nacional asesinado por GAO ELN

Sergeant Franklin Montaña Pacagui, killed by GAO ELN



The General Command of the Military Forces of Colombia informs:


1. In the course of coordinated and interagency joint operations with the Police and the Prosecutor's Office, against an ELN structure that would be carrying out criminal operations, in the rural area of Tame, Arauca, an armed combat occurred in the last few hours.


2. In the midst of these events, two members of the ELN were killed in the course of military operations and weapons, ammunition of different calibers, communications equipment, military accessories and two vehicles were found by troops.


3. In the same way, and during the shooting, this criminal structure assassinated Sergeant Franklin Montaña Pacagui, who was part of the group of military led in the region to work for the safety of civilians. In the same operation, two more members of the Military Forces were injured and at the moment they are receiving specialized medical assistance, they are stable and out of danger.


4. The Military Forces reject the action that today mourns the entire Institution and has already sent logistical support and accompaniment for the relatives and partners of our Non-Commissioned Officer, in these difficult moments.


5. In the same way, it will be denounced to the authorities, the action which happens in the middle of this combat, where the ELN criminals used civilian houses to shoot from there, towards the military aircraft, violating International Humanitarian Law.


6. The military forces will continue to conduct the operation against all criminal organizations that attack civilians and private and public property of the State.

Sunday, March 19, 2023 By merybra