The command of the Air Assault Aviation Division of the National Army deeply regrets to inform:


1.       Today afternoon, our Bell UH1N aircraft registration EJC4227, Aviation Mobility and Maneuver Battalion No.7, which was carrying out a military operation to supply the Joint Task Force Titan, fell apart in the rural area of Quibdó, Chocó department.

2.       Immediately the troops on the ground moved to the place where the accident had been reported, a maneuver that was personally directed by the commander of the Task Force.

3.       Already at the scene, unfortunately the death of the four service units is confirmed, including a female officer:

Captain Hector Mauricio Jeréz Ochoa, pilot in command

Lieutenant Julieth Girleza García Cordero, pilot

Second Sergeant Johan Andrés Orozco Neyra, crew chief

Second Sergeant Rubén Ricardo Bartolomé Leguizamón Perilla, flight technician

      4.    Tribute to our military:


Captain Hector Mauricio Jerez Ochoa


He was born in the municipality of San Andrés, Santander department, on May 18, 1990, with 13 years of service. He entered the Military School in January 2009 and was promoted to second lieutenant in December 2011; he was a unit in army Aviation, helicopter pilot, professional in Military Sciences, logistics administrator and specialist in Military Sciences for Planning.


He was currently working as a UH-1N BELL212 helicopter pilot and had specialized training in the USA for this class of aircraft.  He had been awarded 6 badges, including Lancero, Military Paratrooper, advanced combat course and Military Pilot, as well as decorations and recognitions such as distinguished service medal for operations against drug trafficking.


Lieutenant Julieth Girleza García Cordero


Lieutenant Julieth Girleza García Cordero, 31, from Cúcuta, Norte de Santander, entered the Military Cadet School in 2012 and rose to the rank of second lieutenant in 2015.


Since she started her military career, she stood out for being a disciplined officer, with a positive attitude to provide support to the needs of the service, that's why in June 2019 she was the first military woman to take the pilot course for the UH1N helicopter.


Lieutenant Julieth Girleza García was in 2020 the first female pilot of the National Army in the UH1N helicopter, today the constitutional mission was being fulfilled, carrying out supply tasks to the troops in the department of Chocó.


Second Sergeant Johan Andrés Orozco Neira

A 31-year-old native of Barranquilla, Atlántico, he entered the NCO Military school in March 2008 and rose to the rank of third corporal in September 2009. He was married and had two children.


During his military career he stood out for his spirit of service and constant preparation, which led him to follow studies and courses such as: Master of Fast Rope, Lancero, Aeronautical Maintenance, Aeronautical English, Group leader, UH-1 crewman. During his more than 14 years of service to the institution he was decorated on different occasions with the Military Valor Medal, Distinguished Service Medal in Aviation Operations and Bicentenary of the Libertadora Campaign, among others.


Second Sergeant Rubén Ricardo Bartolomé Leguizamón Perilla

He was 35 years old, born in the city of Bogotá, he entered the Military School of Non-Commissioned Officers in 2009. Married, he had a small four-year-old son.


Sergeant Leguizamón counted on training as a UH-1N flight crewman, in addition to Human Rights and IHL studies. In the year 2021, his outstanding operation in the Army Aviation was recognized with the Distinguished Services in Aviation Operations Medal.


     5. This Unit has activated the corresponding protocols, and is currently deploying a team of specialists and technicians to start investigations and determine the causes of what happened.


     6.    In the same way, the National Army, through Human Talent officers and non-commissioned officers of the Personnel Command, will deploy its resources in support and accompaniment to the families of our personnel, who died in the line of duty. 


      7.    The National Army deeply regrets what happened and addresses a message of solidarity and accompaniment to the families, partners and comrades of our four soldiers.  At the same time, the Unit thanks the citizens who have expressed their solidarity and support at this difficult time.


Source: Air Assault Aviation Division

Sunday, March 19, 2023 By MEBS