Soldado del Ejército Nacional Nicolás Peña Ortega

National Army Soldier Nicolás Peña Ortega


The Command of the Seventh Division of the National Army informs:


In facts that are subject of investigation and according to the preliminary report, when weapons inspection activities were being carried out in the facilities of the Military Base in the rural area of the municipality of Remedios, Antioquia, a mortar shell was activated, apparently by accident.


This unfortunately caused the death of one of our soldiers and injuries to nine others, who belong to the Special Energy and Road Battalion No.8.


At this time, the coordination and support were provided for the aeromedical evacuation of our injured personnel to a hospital in the city of Medellin.


The unit will inform the judicial authorities of what happened, in order to carry out the urgent operations and the investigation process; the disciplinary investigation was initiated to determine the circumstances of the way, time and place in which the events occurred.


This Command regrets what happened and expresses a respectful salutation of solidarity and condolences to the relatives and friends of our deceased soldier, for whom an interdisciplinary team was prepared in support of the family. At the same time, the accompaniment of our wounded men is carried out.


The General Inspectorate of the Army delegated an executive group to immediately travel to the place, and carry out the review of the processes and procedures carried out, in order to issue the recommendations that take place.


Monday, September 26, 2022 By merybra