Soldado profesional Cándido Machado Trillos, asesinado al parecer por GAO Eln

Soldier Cándido Machado Trillos, apparently killed by GAO Eln

The Command of Task Force Vulcano, unit of the Second Division of the National Army, informs:


1. Yesterday, September 1, after four o'clock in the afternoon, in a criminal act apparently perpetrated by terrorists of the Organized Armed Group, GAO, ELN, Soldier Cándido Machado Trillos, belonging to the Ground Operations Battalion No.9, is killed by a sniper.


2. The facts took place in the sector known as Cerro González, municipality of Zulia, department of Norte de Santander, where the soldiers were carrying out operations.


3. This indiscriminate act goes against respect for international human rights law and is a clear violation of international humanitarian law; the murder of our soldier is a sign that this illegal armed group violates the Geneva protocols and IHL.


4. At the moment, troops of the Vulcano Task Force are caring out operations against this illegal armed group, to counteract their criminal operations against the inhabitants of the region.


5. We regret and categorically reject this murder that mourns the National Army and the country, and we send a heartfelt greeting of condolences to the family, partners and comrades of our soldier, who died in the line of duty.


Source: Press – Second Division

Friday, September 2, 2022 By merybra