The Hercules Joint Task Force, in compliance with the Heroes of Freedom Bicentenary Campaign Plan, succeeds in capturing two alleged members of the “Oliver Sinisterra” residual structure in Rio Mira, in the municipality of Tumaco, which apparently in the same way would be responsible of the events that occurred on last October 7 in Guachal, Cajapí village, which left a report of three injured and five people killed. One of the detainees has criminal records and current arrest warrant for crimes such as homicide and illegal carrying of weapons.



The maneuver of control, surveillance and river assault carried out by the Navy, led to the finding of two rifles, two fragmentation grenades, 16 magazines, a large amount of ammunition of different calibers, multipurpose vests and allusive garments of the former FARC-ep.



Source: Hercules Joint Task Force

Saturday, October 12, 2019 By catalina