Operación Artemisa del Ejército Nacional planta 300 nuevos árboles en Tibú, Norte de Santander

The activity was carried out under all biosecurity parameters to prevent the spread of covid-19.


With the purpose of reforesting and caring for the environment of the Catatumbo region, in the department of Norte de Santander, the National Army, through the Engineers and Construction Battalion No. 50, attached to the Vulcano Task Force, carried out a tree planting activity in two sectors of the Vetas Central, in the municipality of Tibú.


The activity, which seeks to improve the environmental conditions of the sector and face illegal logging, led the military to plant nearly 300 trees of the region, on ecological paths and water sources close to the inhabitants.


This ecological event is scheduled to take place periodically in different sectors of Norte de Santander, in order to improve and recover the ecosystems of this area of ​​the country, notably hit by the invasion of the forest by the illicit plantations.


The Vulcano Task Force of the Second Division of the National Army will continue promoting activities focused on the care and preservation of the environment. The community is invited to join efforts to work hand in hand on the reforestation and conservation of natural resources.


Source: press - National Army


Thursday, June 18, 2020 By merybra