Operación ‘Artemisa’ arrojó cuatro capturas y la incautación de madera en el Huila

In total, 14.7 cubic meters of timber blocks were found by the troops.


The inter-institutional work in favor of the environment and the information provided by the Civil Security Battalion No.5, led the troops of the Special Energy and Road Battalion No.12 of the Ninth Brigade to act within the framework of Operation ‘Artemisa’  and coordinately with units of the Sijín of Huila and the accompaniment of officials of the Regional Autonomous Corporation of Alto Magdalena, CAM, and so capture four people and find the wood.


The four individuals were captured for the crime of illicit use of renewable natural resources. Those men did not have the permission of the environmental authority to carry out these type of practices that harm the ecosystem.


The operation that led to the discovery of 162 blocks of wood, a total of 14.7 cubic meters, was carried out on the village Callejon, of the municipality of Aipe, in northern Huila.


Source: Ninth Brigade National Army

Monday, July 29, 2019 By merybra