Bebé recién nacido fue evacuado por la Fuerza Aérea para salvar su vida en Tolima

A helicopter of the Colombian Air Force moved from the Air Combat Command No.4 in Melgar to the municipality of La Herrera, of the municipality of Rioblanco in the south of Tolima, to save the life of a newborn baby who had respiratory problems.


After a request made by the Government of Tolima, a humanitarian aeromedical evacuation of a newborn with acute respiratory failure was carried out, who was in the municipality of La Herrera and needed to be urgently assisted in the city of Ibagué.


During the flight, the minor, who was accompanied by his mother, received priority assistance of the military personnel of the health area, who were responsible for keeping him stable until he was handed over to the health professionals who were waiting for him in Ibagué.


Source: Press - Colombian Air Force

Friday, May 20, 2022 By merybra