Neutralizadas acciones terroristas en el Meta y Caquetá

- Apparently, the terrorist operation in the department of Meta, near a water well, would have been committed by members of the residual organized armed group structure 40, who commit crimes in this area of ​​the country. The second neutralized operation occurred in the department of Caquetá.


- It is presumed, according to the materials found, these explosives would be activated to the transit of the civilian population or the military in the sector.


In recent days, troops of the Joint Task Force ‘Omega’ neutralized terrorist operations with explosives in rural areas of Meta and Caquetá.


The first operation occurred in the village El Salitre, Uribe municipality, when the soldiers of the Rapid Deployment Force realized that, in the middle of the bush and near a water source, there was a metal launching mean of 140 centimeters long, which contained an improvised explosive device in a 20-pound gas cylinder, ready to be detonated to the troop's transit.


Meanwhile, in the rural area of ​​the Yarumales village, in the municipality of La Macarena, in the same way in Meta, an improvised explosive device was destroyed under controlled conditions, thus preventing damage to the civilian population.


In the department of Caquetá, the soldiers of the Caguán Specific Command, in the rural area of ​​Las Morras village in the municipality of San Vicente del Caguán, while carrying out territorial control operations in the area, also found another IED with the help of the trained dog.


With this neutralization, there are already four terrorist operations that the "Task Force Omega” has prevented in Meta.


Finally, in the department of Caquetá, specifically in the Miravalle village of San Vicente del Caguán, an improvised explosive device was also neutralized in a timely manner.


Source: Joint Task Force ‘Omega’

Wednesday, August 21, 2019 By merybra