Armada Nacional realiza jornada de limpieza y entrega de ayudas humanitarias en Punta Arena, Cartagena

In accordance with the protocols of biosecurity in the framework of the pandemic COVID-19, the Navy of Colombia accompanied by of the Colombian Institute of Family Wellbeing – ICBF-, the Foundation Bahia, the company Veolia Aseo Cartagena, the Association Agropesca of Punta Arena, and social leaders of the Community Council, carried out the extraction of four tons of glass and other solid waste of the beaches of Punta Arena, zone of the island of Cartagena, mitigating the existing risk to the community, protecting the environment.


Thanks to this cleaning activity, the beaches are free of hazardous waste and are in a process of permanent restoration, in order to prevent contamination of these natural spaces.


During the activity, 80,000 liters of water and 400 boxes of liquid Bienestarina (food supplement) were distributed to each of the families in the sector contributing to the life support of drinking water and healthy food to the community that has been hit economically by the lack of tourism in the sector as a result of the pandemic.


Source: press-Navy of Colombia

Saturday, September 26, 2020 By merybra