Troops discovered a book with a FARC-EP press, in which the extortion payments made against the merchants of the municipality of Guapi had been reported for more than two months.


In operations of the Navy of Colombia in the rural area of ​​the municipality of Guapi, in Cauca, through the troops of the Pacific Naval Force, in a joint operation with the National Army and coordinated with the National Police, they have dealt a resounding blow to the Residual Organized Armed Groups Structures 29 and 30, resulting in the capture of six of its members, the death of an individual in military operations and the discovery of weapons, explosives, military accessories and communications material.


During the military operation in the area known as Los Naranjos, a group of armed men was found. They had been threatening the civilian population by carrying out different criminal activities such as extortion, drug trafficking and illegal mining. When noticing the presence of military, they fired at the troops, who reacted in defense.


After the military operations, six men were captured. Later, during the inspection of the area, the body of a dead individual was found. The troops found five rifles of different calibers, a pistol, two hand grenades, 2,512 cartridges of different calibers, two units of pentolite, 19 magazines and communications equipment.


The military accessories included 11 complete uniforms, two campaign backpacks, nine bracelets with the FARC-EP identification, four multipurpose vests, four rifle holders, medical equipment, approximately 300 kilograms of food and a booklet with FARC-EP stamp in which the payment of extortions made against merchants for more than two months, had been reported.


According to the naval intelligence information, these individuals are members of structures 29 and 30 of the Residual Organized Armed Groups that are getting together to commit crimes in this area and extort merchants of the municipality of Guapi and other activities related to drug trafficking and illegal mining. Presumably, the body without life would correspond to the second in command of the two structures. Among those captured, it would be alias "El Mono", ringleader of this group, which is a matter of investigation.


The individuals, the lifeless body and the war material were taken aboard an aircraft of the Colombian Navy, to the municipality of Buenaventura in the department of Valle del Cauca, where they were put into custody of the authorities.


Source: Colombian Navy


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