Armada y Ejército hallan y destruyen laboratorio para el procesamiento de clorhidrato de cocaína

In military operations, the Joint Task Force Titan with troops of the Colombian Navy and the National Army, in response to early warning No. 027 of 2018, find and destroy a cocaine hydrochloride production laboratory, in the Ciénaga San Alejandro sector, in the Carmen del Darién municipality, in the department of Chocó.


The military operation carried out in the Urabá subregion , in Chocó, led to the discovery of this important laboratory, which had six wooden structures, one of them with the capacity to house 12 criminals, who would belong to the substructure Pablo José Montalvo Cuitiva of the Organized Armed Group, GAO - Clan del Golfo.


In this operation, it was in the same way possible to destroy 685 gallons of liquid precursors and 130 kilograms of solid precursors, used for the production of narcotic drugs. In the same way, five magazines for rifles, three magazines for pistols, a fragmentation grenade, 160 cartridges 5.56 mm caliber and two communication radios were found.


Once the corresponding judicial proceedings were completed, the laboratory was destroyed under controlled conditions in the area, while the war and communications material found was put into custody of the authorities.


Source: press - Colombian Navy

Tuesday, June 16, 2020 By merybra