Con dique natural y mejoramiento de vía terciaria, soldados atendieron emergencia en Chima, Santander

About 15 families and 600 people in La Chimera benefited of the works of Military Engineers, after the heavy rains caused the overflow of the stream of this sector of the Department of Santander.


After a week of constant work, soldiers of the Fifth Brigade, Second Division of the National Army, through the Battalion Caldas and the Battalion Galán, provides security and peace to the families of La Chimera, in the municipality of Chima, in the department of Santander, where the heavy rains of the past few days have caused the overflow of the stream, blocking roads and endangering several families in the sector.


With yellow machinery the Military Engineers responded promptly to the call of the community and after several days of work, they built a natural dike with an extension of 150 meters, as a barrier that could contain future overflows, similarly, maintenance was carried out on about 400 meters of the tertiary road that contacts with the urban center of Chima and that had been hit by the floods.


With this about 15 families and about 600 inhabitants benefit of the works conducted by the soldiers, providing tranquility and mobility to the families surrounding this water source.


Source: press-Fifth Brigade of the National Army

Friday, July 24, 2020 By merybra