Armada Nacional intercepta 2 embarcaciones con un cargamento avaluado en 49 mil millones de pesos

The operation against drug trafficking carried out by the Colombian Navy in the Colombian Pacific led to the interception of two boats carrying a cargo of narcotics that would cost more than 49 billion pesos, which would be destined for Costa Rica.


Intelligence information and continuous sea control operations led units of the Coast Guard Station of Buenaventura to detect two boats traveling with four men on board, over the sector of the mouths of the river Naya, in Valle del Cauca. Upon noticing the presence of the Colombian Navy, the individuals escaped, starting a chase on the sea that ended with the interception of the boats La Tortuga and El Cuervo.


During the search, in which several barrels with fuel troops found, Coast Guard members detected several modifications in the hull of the boats, which led them to infer about the existence of a double bottom, a modality commonly used by Transnational Organized Crime Groups for drug trafficking.


The boats were transferred to Buenaventura, where, in coordination with the technical investigation Corps of the prosecutor's office, an inspection was carried out where 437 packages with 403 kilograms of cocaine hydrochloride and 32 kilograms of marijuana were discovered.


This year the Pacific Naval Force has found 76.1 tons of cocaine and 17.9 tons of marijuana, exceeding the findings of narcotics in this same period of 2019.


Source: press-Navy of Colombia

Tuesday, July 28, 2020 By merybra