Guainía. Units of the National Navy dealt a heavy blow to drug trafficking organizations with the discovery of about half a ton of cocaine hydrochloride, transported aboard a ship that was moving over the Inírida River, in the municipality of Inírida, in the department of Guainía.


The decisive military operation was carried out when troops of the Marine Infantry Battalion N ° 50, together with troops of the National Army and the National Police, made an interdiction to four boats bongo in which several individuals moved, on the river Inirida. During the inspection, the authorities found a compartment inside one of the boats, named "El Llanero", where they found several black packages, which contained a substance whose characteristics were similar to alkaloids.


The boat was taken to the river bank, where anti-narcotics dogs carried out the search of the packages obtaining a positive result for 436.1 kilograms of cocaine hydrochloride. The operation was conducted by members of the SIJIN (JUDICIAL POLICE), who carried out the Preliminary Identification Test Approved (PIPH) to the substance.


The alkaloid and the two individuals who were guarding it, were put into custody of the Attorney General of Guainía, where they will be prosecuted for the crime of trafficking, manufacture and / or carrying of narcotics.


During the operation, supplies, construction materials and medicines were in the same way found, which apparently would be used by the substructures of the Residual Armed Group “Acacio Medina”, which has as an area of ​​interference in the border area of ​​the department of Guainía.


The National Navy carries out permanent operations in its frontal struggle against drug trafficking organizations, which commit crimes in the rivers of eastern Colombia.


Source: National Navy.

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