Ejército Nacional despliega capacidades para preservar el orden durante jornada democrática

In order to provide security, tranquility and transparency during the regional and local elections on October 27, the Quirón Task Force, through the Eighteenth Brigade and its Land Operations Battalions, has launched unified ground operations in each of the seven municipalities in Arauca, they will cover Boyacá and the municipalities of Samoré and Gibraltar in Toledo, Norte de Santander, fulfilling the constitutional duty under the guidelines of the Democracy Plan issued by the National Government.


There are 66 voting stations where 599 tables will be organized and they will be guarded before, during and after the electoral activity jointly with the Colombian Navy, Colombian Air Force and coordinated with the National Police, by air, land and water, using mounted, heavy, light and motorized platoons; platoons for disaster assistance; riot squads; Special Urban Anti-Terrorism Forces; the Meteoro plan, teams of explosives experts for destructions and demolitions; river and aircraft elements, in populated centers, border crossings and roads.


The approximately 3,200 military who will be watching to provide guarantees to voters, they are trained and prepared to counteract criminal operations of the Organized Armed Groups, and will support in the prevention of electoral crimes such as disruption of the democratic contest, constraint, fraud, corruption to the voter, fraudulent vote, impersonation of voting delegates, among others.


Source: Quiron Task Force

Friday, October 25, 2019 by merybra