Ejército nacional ejerce control del territorio en el departamento de Arauca neutralizando varias acciones terroristas del Grupo Armado Organizado Eln

National Army exercises control of the territory in the department of Arauca by neutralizing several terrorist operations of the Organized Armed Group Eln

The opportune reaction of the troops led to the discovery of several places where explosive devices would have been planted by the ELN.


The security operation conducted by the Quiron Task Force to exercise control of territory in the department of Arauca has thwarted various terrorist operations that the organized armed group ELN intended to perpetrate against the strategic assets of the State.


This is how in the municipality of Arauquita, in the first military operation in the village Altos de la Colorada, the troops found on the right side of the track a launching pad with system of activation by cable command that would be used to hit the civilian population, the critical routes and the security forces.


In other operation carried out in the same municipality, an anti-personnel mine and an improvised explosive device, fan type, were destroyed. They were discovered just as two men were installing them in the village La Pica, an area they intended to prepare with more of these unconventional weapons putting at risk hundreds of peasants who live permanently in the area. The individuals undertook the flight when they saw the soldiers.


Finally, in Fortul, when the military units carried out operations of search and military control of the area, they found five deep excavations in the layout of the Colombian Bicentenary Pipeline, two of them in the village of La Colorada and three more in the hamlet Palmarito, which would be used by the group Omaira Montoya Henao del Eln to install explosives.


Source: Quiron Task Force

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