More than six tons of fruit, such as avocado, papelillo variety, taiti lime and guava pear were distributed in different collection centers and markets that are in charge of distributing them to different food super-markets in the city of Cúcuta thanks to an initiative that is being conducted since the beginning of June by the Support Brigade for Comprehensive Action and Development No. 1 and the territorial units of the Thirtieth Brigade and the Vulcano Task Force.


This activity aims to support small producer associations and peasant inhabitants of the Catatumbo region to market their plantations, providing support by looking for buyers, as well as by transporting from the collection point to the place of distribution.


It is important to highlight that, during the last months, the commercialization of these products had been impeded by the COVID-19 pandemic, and some harvests were being lost, which directly hit 37 peasant families who had not been able to sell their products due to lack of buyers. It is a situation that forced the search and opening of new marketing lines.


With this coordination it was possible to identify and consolidate new food baskets in the city of Cúcuta to ensure a permanent purchase with no intermediaries, which provides greater opportunities for farmers to earn and improves their conditions of life.


Source: National Army

Sunday, June 14, 2020 By catalina