Ejército Nacional rescató a empresaria que había sido secuestrada en el Valle del Cauca

The rapid reaction of the troops and the support of the civilians was vital to produce this result, where in addition three individuals were arrested.


In the course of a military operation, coordinated with the Police, troops of the National Army rescued a renowned businesswoman of the poultry sector, who was kidnapped by members of the residual Organized Armed Group, GAO-r, Jaime Martínez.


This kidnapping was possible to neutralize, after the rapid reaction of the members of the Military Forces, who began the search operation in the rural area of Yumbo, in order to find the whereabouts of this citizen. In the event, it was in the same way possible to arrest three alleged members of the residual GAO Jaime Martínez.


According to information, the victim, 63 years old, was intercepted on the morning of this Wednesday, January 12, by a group of armed men in the sector of Río Claro, rural area of Jamundí, Valle del Cauca. These individuals forced her to get out of her vehicle and onto another, with an unknown destination. That is when the operation begins in strategic points, and with the support of civilians it was possible to establish the whereabouts of the businesswoman and her alleged kidnapers.


The three arrested and their vehicle, where they apparently had transported the businesswoman, were given to the authorities for the respective judicial process


The woman is in good health and enjoys her freedom again with her family and loved ones.


The National Army rejects these criminal operations of residual organized armed groups, which violate human rights and violate the international humanitarian law.


Source: press-National Army

Thursday, January 13, 2022 By merybra