In the department of Arauca, troops of the Quirón Task Force continue to confront crimes such as cattle smuggling and cattle rustling, protecting one of the main sectors of the region's economy.


In the municipality of Cravo Norte, on the village El Samuco, after receiving information provided through the Network of Civic Participation 'REPARC', the Units of the Eighteenth Brigade recover 217 head of cattle valued at two hundred and eighty million pesos ($ 280,000,000) which did not have the required documentation for their mobilization.


In the same way, in the same municipality, exactly in the village Santa Teresa, it was possible to recover 42 animals that had been stolen, and due to the pressure of the troops that reacted once the action was known, the thieves were forced to abandon them. The owner of the animals assured that their cost would reached approximately forty-five million pesos ($ 45,000,000).


Finally, 15 more bovines, apparently from foreign territories did not have supporting documents of their legal entry into the country. Troops with the support of the ICA and the Fiscal and Customs Police in the village of San Salvador, in Tame, were confiscated.


Source: Quiron Task Force

Saturday, March 16, 2019 By catalina