With a high level of professionalism and with the qualities that characterize each of the Colombian soldiers, Military Units of the Quirón Task Force continue to contribute to the wellbeing of the most vulnerable communities of the department of Arauca, leading to the most remote areas Comprehensive Action activities that help to consolidate the territory and strengthen ties of partnership.


65 people, including children and adults of the Caño Rico district of the municipality of Arauquita, enjoyed a leisure recreational activity that included cultural events, jumping, face painting, clowns, games, refreshments and presents that led to the aforementioned population whose access to the activities of healthy recreation is precarious; they enjoyed along with the Bicentennial Heroes.


With these operations, framed in the campaign Fe En Colombia, the Eighteenth Brigade deploys its best efforts in favor of the security of the region. In the same way, it ratifies its commitment for the protection of the fundamental rights of children and adolescents, providing them with spaces for the free development of the personality and preventing that they become victims of any type of crime which may use them in illegal activities.


Source: National Army

Thursday, March 7, 2019 By Comunicaciones (not verified)