Ejército Nacional sembró 5.000 árboles en zona rural de Cimitarra, Santander

This operation continues to protect the ecosystem and contribute to the recovery of the environment


The soldiers of the Fourteen Brigade, together with the Aserradero Guayacán company, the Association of Loggers of the Northeast, the Sugaberrio Cattle Auction and people in general, planted 5,000 trees native to the region, in a rural area of the municipality of Cimitarra, Santander.


This was how all the staff of the participating institutions came to the municipality of Puerto Olaya, to carry out the reforestation activity for eight hours.


This contributes to generate environmental awareness in all inhabitants, and continues to work together with the different institutions, in order to conserve our environment and natural resources.


Source: press-National Army


Monday, October 25, 2021 By merybra