Ejército Nacional 200 años avanzando por Colombia 

In the Plaza de Bolívar in Bogotá, the Presidential Guard Battalion hoisted the National Flag in homage to the National Army Day and the bicentenary of the Liberating Campaign.


The bicentenary of the Liberating Campaign and Army Day are the right time to remember the union of the patriots, how they were part of a liberating caravan, which departing from Tame, on June 12, 1819 and enduring the inclemency of the extreme heat in the Arauca and Casanare plains, as well as the cold end, climbing the Pisba Paramo, reaches the heights of Boyaca to defend freedom. With many sacrificed lives, which further increase the liberating cause, the Army is renewed with momentum and courage, which undoubtedly contributes to winning the battles of Paya, Gámeza and Tópaga, Marsh of Vargas, and, finally, the one that seals all the campaign, that of August 7, in the department of Boyacá.


This long path is marked by the union of a people who, to support that walking Army, welcome and feed it, but in the same way make transcendental decisions, to be part of it. Thus, “llaneros” plains people, Boyacá people and even men from Europe complement the same purpose. In this 2019, the Bicentenary Heroes, aware of their origin and legacy, maintain the same spirit of courage to walk the country, and reach each community with the motto of Patria, honor and Lealtad printed on the soul, so that with the leadership of the Colombian soldier the development and protection of the Nation continues to grow.


The Bicentenary Heroes of Brigade 13 have been commemorating in Bogotá and all the municipalities of Cundinamarca the 200 years of the Battle of Boyacá, an emblematic confrontation of the liberating campaign, with honor and accompanied by the citizens, who gratefully wave the flag of Colombia to receive the military parades and the various activities led by the 17 thousand soldiers who work day by day with total commitment to maintain legitimacy and tranquility in the center of the country.


Source: Thirteenth National Army Brigade

Wednesday, August 7, 2019 by merybra