Ejército Nacional incauta material de guerra y desarticula central de comunicaciones del Clan del Golfo, en Urabá


At this place the orders would be being issued to carry out criminal operations against the civilians and the Military Forces in the Urabá region in Antioquia and Chocó.


Within the framework of the Ayacucho campaign plan and through unified ground military operations, the National Army dismantled a communications center where attacks against civilians and the Military Forces would be directed and at the same time, abundant war materiel, military accessories and other elements of interest to military intelligence were seized.


Through intelligence work and carrying out military area control, troops of the National Army arrived at the Los Remigio village, in the municipality of Chigorodó, in the department of Antioquia, where they dismantled the communications equipment, apparently of the Carlos Vásquez substructure of the GAO Clan del Golfo, where these individuals would coordinate the terrorist operations in the municipalities of Dabeiba, Chigorodó, Carepa, Apartadó and Turbo, in the department of Antioquia.


During the military operation it was in the same way possible to find two 38mm caliber revolvers, 80 cartridges for it, three tables with military codes, two radios and a satellite radio, which would be the main one of the communications central.


Source: Seventh Division of the National Army

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